Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Yes ESPN, there are rivalries west of the Hudson River Valley.

THE Rivalry Renewed

Hell on Earth will be packed tonite as the Cubs come to town.

The Cubs and Redbirds will renew their great rivalry tonite at Busch Stadium -A.K.A. Hell on Earth. ESPN won't hype this rivalry up like they do Yankees/Red Sox. How could they? Pete Gammons won't go, neither will Harold Reynolds, nor will any of the other idiots on Baseball Tonight. Of course neither teams ballpark is within driving range of Bristol, CT. Screw ESPN, If you are a Cub or Cardinal fan, you live in the midwest, you understand the this rivalry. If you live in the east enjoy your Yanks and Sox.

The Cubs hold a slight edge versus the Redbirds since they began play in 1892. The Cubs have won 1,150 and lost 1,053 vs. the Cards. Busch Stadium has been a house of horrors for the Cubs. Since 1966 they are 136-187 against the Cards at Busch.

As a Chicagoan and a Cub fan it's pretty hard to lose to a team from a third rate river city like St. Louis. Have you ever spent any time in St. Louis? It's hot. The river is filthy and has a real odor. St. Louis is one of those towns that can't decide whether or not they are a southern city or a midwestern town. They lack an identity.

Does St. Louis have any redeeming qualities?

As a Cub fan I HATE the Cardinals. I HATE The Genius. I HATE their crap ballpark. I HATE any beer that is brewed in Missouri. I HATE the hillbilly fans that drive up to Chicago to watch the Cubs and Cardinals at Wrigley Field. These people tip the bartenders and beer vendors nickels and complain that everything costs too much. The secret is we up the prices so they will only come north once a year.

Zambrano will go to the mound for the Cubs on Wednesday. Carlos had a little run in with Jimmy Edmonds on July 19th last season. Carlos also had his career high 12 strikeouts vs. the Cardinals last May in a no-decison (1-0 Cub Loss) at Busch.

Zambrano will have to keep his emotions in check.

Crazy Carlos will try and keep his temper in check and he will need to. The Cardinal lineup is loaded. Still the Cubs can play with these guys at least with Big Z on the hill. Pujols lifetime average vs. Zambrano is only .211, Rolen's i.231, Edmonds' .250, Walker's .222 and Sanders' .182.

This might be one of the few series where Dusty actually has an advantage over the opposing manager. The Genius is always trying to reinvent baseball strategy. You never know when LaRussa will come up with some crazy idea, like hitting the pitcher 8th. If the Cubs keep it close LaRussa may give them the game in the late innings.

The Genius will match whits with Dusty tonight.

Take a long look at that idiot above. I hope Zambrano is on tonight. Go Cubs!

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