Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Spring has Sprung, now lets think positive!


Being a Cubs fan, I have always viewed the period of time from late October to early April as a time to vent disgust in why the Cubs fell apart in the previous season, and discuss my veiws on what the Cubs need to do, in the offseason to win the series.

Usually these discussions are shared with fellow Cubs fans at local taverns, or in the kitchen of my house with my wife, who could care less, but lets me think that my ideas are valid, and just.

Well, now it is time to bury the couldas, the shoulda, and the wouldas, because the Cubs are playing ball! Suddenly, to quote Gaius Marius, hope springs eternal, we are in it for the long haul. All the negative thoughts and naysayers can wait, because this is our year! We are finally going to do it! If yesterday's score is not a reflection of how good the Cubs are, then perhaps Patterson's walk will convince you that this year is Different.

The Cubs are going to shrug off the off-season dealings, the so-long to Sammy, the concerns over a decrepit pitching staff, the bleacher renovation, the bullpen concerns, none of that matters anymore, our north-side warriors clad in royal blue are back on the diamond, and I will support them all the way to a World Championship.

Next year is Now, buy me some peanuts and cracker-jacks baby, let's get those world championship Cubs T-shirts to the silk screener, get your vacation time in October set asided now, make travel arrangements to see the Cubs in all the major league cities to show your support for the boys of summer, because you will want to part of this historic season.

'05 is the year of the Cub in this great nation, and all the Pujols', Beltran's, Jeter's, and Schillings in the world can't stop the freight train of enthusiasm this cub fan has for this year. CUBS CUBS GO CUBS WOOO CUBS!

You heard it here first! The Cubs will win the world series! Believe in the boys in blue! And they will deliver, show your support, and they will thrive off of the energy we supply. CUBS CUBS CUBS CUBS shout it loud and proud!

Enough ranting.


Sorry it won't happen again.

Time to finsih off this bag of Cheetoh's in front of me, and take a nap...

Wake me up when the Cubs are on!

Just a bit outside,


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