Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dusty's Holy Water

Today on my ride to work, I turned over to the flagship 720 and heard Spike O'Dell interviewing Dusty Baker. I listened for a while as Dusty discussed not playing Jerry Hairston. More excuses and blame the media for everything under the son followed. At that point the "morning zoo" host tried to lighten the situation. He asked Dusty about the holy water that Sharon Pannozzo had given him after she had it blessed by Pope John Paul. Dusty was shocked that O'Dell would ask this. He said "she told you that?"

O'Dell asked Baker what he was doing with the water. Dusty told O'Dell that he was using it on injured players. He said he used some on Todd Walker, somebody else, and LaTroy Hawkins wasn't hurt but he wanted some anyway.

I know that being involved with the Cubs causes desperation and hope for divine intervention. This sort of thing is really bizzarre. If the Todd Walker recovers in three weeks will that be a miracle that we can attribute to the late-Pontif?

It's just another day in the land of Dusty.

Question Mark? Mark Prior returns to the hill after little spring training and a rough spell in minor league action. I don't expect we'll see the Mark Prior we all want to see today.

Aramis Ramirez will sit out today due to the weather. WBBM is reporting he has a sore groin. Thus Neifi Perez, who again was scheduled to start at 2B will move to 3B opening the lineup for Jerry Hairston, Jr.

UPDATE 1:35 -- Speaking of water, the rain won today. Cubs and Pads were rained out. A twinbill between the two is scheduled at Wrigley on Wednesday.

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