Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wood's self destructive first

I snuck away at lunch to watch the first inning. What I saw was alarming. Kerry Wood, pitching with the wind howling in means it should be a good day for the Cubs. Instead Wood pitched one of the worst innings I can remember. In the inning Wood had no idea where the ball was going. His release point was no where to be found. Here's a quick recap:

-G Blum homered to right.
-M Loretta hit by pitch.
-M Loretta stole second.
-B Giles walked.
-R Klesko walked, M Loretta to third, B Giles to second.
-P Nevin grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, M Loretta scored, R Klesko out at second, B Giles to third.
-R Hernandez singled to right, B Giles scored, P Nevin to second.
-X Nady reached on infield single to pitcher, P Nevin to third, R Hernandez to second, P Nevin scored, R Hernandez to third, X Nady to second on throwing error by pitcher K Wood.
-J Garcia struck out swinging.
-J Peavy struck out looking.

4 Runs, 3 Hits, 1 Errors (He's lucky only 4 scored)

In the inning he threw 37 pitches, 20 were strikes.

With the current state of the Cubs offense, effectively game 1 is lost. I have grown tired of the whole Kerry Wood act. The guy is making $9.5 million this year. He's making that kind of money and pitching like a guy that is destined for middle relief. Why did Hendry sign a pitcher with back trouble, mechanic issues, who has never won more than 14 games in a year to this deal?

UPDATE 2:15 After 6.2 IP Kerry is done. Here is his final line: IP 6.2, H 9, R 7, ER 6, BB 2, K 6, HR 3, Current ERA 5.84

The Northsiders trail 7-2. Gametime temp was 47 degrees and the wind was blowing in from CF at 16 mph. It should have been a good day to pitch.

Anyways, at least we can hope to enjoy Game 2...

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