Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Put me in coach

Ready to play??

Looks like Jerry Hairston jr. is making a case that he wants to be the lead-off hitter for the Cubs. In his first start he is one walk shy of the Corey Patterson walk-a-thon (drawing a walk in his first AB in the lead-off spot. See how its done?).

You can hold out judgment until later, but I think we all know what this is going to start. I'll let the "Evil Media" do the rest of the job for us.

UPDATE: Hairston hit by pitch in the 2nd. The walk-a-thon has been tied up.

UPDATE2: Hairston doubles in the 3rd.

Ok, I see a pattern and you don't need to be Dusty to figure it out. With Walker nursing the bum wheel, Hairston jr., needs to be in the 1 spot. End of story.

Just my humble opinion. You are now free to bash it...

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