Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dusty is an easy target

LaTroy Hawkins let one slip away on Saturday. It was the latest in the Cub tragedy that is the 2005 season. Watching the game, I was furious at both LaTroy and Baker. Upon further review, and several more Old Styles, I realized that someone has been getting a "Free Pass" in Cubdom.

Hawkins grabs a new baseball and blows on his hand after giving up a game tying HR to Bay in the top of the ninth

The easy move in the Cubs Blog Army is to blame Dusty. Hell, I did it today. Why did Dusty bring LaTroy in, in the ninth? The reality is Jim Hendry has dealt Dusty a poor hand. At this point in the season, Cub fans want a scapegoat(myself included). The easy target is Baker. The man you should really want is Hendry.

Jim Hendry ain't done a damn thing for the Cubs since he acquired Nomar.

What does Baker have? 3 decent starters. No middle releivers. A closer who is scared out of his mind(the same as last September). Two middle infielders who wouldn't start for the Brewers. A starting leftfielder who's a good pinch hitter. A right fielder that only the Pirates wanted. Boys and girls this Cub team has minimal talent. As much as I would like to blame Dusty, why has Jim Hendry taken a pass? Hendry has done nothing.

Jim Hendry's biggest accomplishment was getting rid of Sammy Sosa and Steve Stone. In the meantime, what did Hendry do to improve this team? Callup Ben Grieve? Eat a case of Oreos? Pass out on the Patterson family couch in Kennesaw, GA.

Jim Hendry loves Oreo's!

Talentwise the Cubs are a 3rd place ballclub. Jim Hendry has made sure of this. You can blame Dusty for anything less than third place.

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