Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Felipe Lopez, OBP, and the Fool

A lifetime .236 hitter put the Cubs down early Wednesday afternoon. Felipe Lopez smacked a grandslam off of Cub starter Ryam Dempster in the Reds 5 run third inning.

While the Cubs have been difficult to figure out all year, the last few days are very simple. Cub pitchers have been walking the park. Through six innings Wednesday Cubs pitchers have walked six. On Tuesday night the Cub pitching staff walked 8. Meanwhile the Cubs have taken one walk each day (through six innings on Weds).

The Fool
Zambrano's stunt -- hitting Kearns following the Dunn homerun was just another example of the fool that Carlos is. Don't get me wrong, the guy is a great competitor and he's fun to watch, but he is starting to get a reputation with Umpires. Dusty and Rothschild have allowed this behavior. On Tuesday night Carlos really hurt the team getting tossed.

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