Monday, April 04, 2005

Thatta a way to start the season!

The Cubs demolished the D-Backs 16-5 on Opening Day in Phoenix. All of our offensive fears were put to rest, at least for the day, as the Cubs had 23 hits. Every Cub starter had a safety and Dusty was able to get many of his bench players into the game. It was a glorious day to be a Cub fan and gets me juiced for the Home Opener coming up on Friday.

One of the downers of the day had to be the early exit by Carlos Zambrano. While Ron Santo and Bob Brenly complained about Z being squeezed early in the game. Zambrano seemed to keep his temper pretty well. In the fifth Zambrano loaded the bases and walked in a run. At this point Dusty went to the hill and took out Carlos just one out away from qualifying for an easy victory.

On his way to the clubhouse Zambrano had words for homeplate umpire Dale Scott who promptly tossed Zambrano. Carlos is now the ace of this staff. He's not going to get close calls if he continues to show up umpires. This is an issue that Dusty and Rothschild had better take care of.

Derek Lee hit the Cubs first homerun of the season a bomb to left center. Aramis, with a fat new contract, hit a bomb to right. The Cubs starting infield was spectacular. Lee had 4 hits, Aramis and Walker 3, and Nomar only had 2 knocks.

Things were going so well for the Northsiders that Cliff Bartosh got a basehit in his first Cub AB.

Young David Kelton cleared waivers and the Cubs optioned him to triple-A Iowa.

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