Thursday, April 21, 2005


12;45 PM: You never like it when you come back to your desk, and the Cubs are already done. Apparently the 1982 version of Joaquin Andujar is pitching today for St. Louis.
12:47 PM: Mr. Molina pops out. Looking at the stats Hairston was called out on strikes...which is NEVER good. You're a contact man Hairy. Hit the ball. Play with Ball. Brr Green Bay, No Green Bay. (sorry)
12:48 PM: "The Carpenter saws one off and grounds out, two away in the fourth"-Chip.
12:49 PM: Eckstein Flies out. Heading to the fourth.

Question between innings...Who's replacing Kyle Farnsworth as the 'team drunk' this year? Anyone, Anyone. I think this should be a web poll question...Just my idea.

12:51 PM: Perez flies out to left on an amazing catch by the left fielder! Actually, I have no access to this. I just wanted to spice things up like my chicken sandwich.
12:54 PM: One, two, three. This isn't good. Where's the Rick Wrona suicide squeeze when you need it.
12:55 PM: I just realized you actually need someone on base to do a suicide squeeze. That's a lot to ask.
12:57 PM: Walker, Canadian Ranger walks. This isn't good.
12:59 PM: Pujols, Carribean Stranger pops out. Not bad. I'm predicting a Rolen homer here, though. I don't know. I just know it's a day game in St. Louis meaning that there are a bunch of schools with kids there. Meaning that Rolen has to hit a home run to make the kids happy, so they'll be Cardinal fans for the rest of their meaningless Missouri lives. So they recount at the local tavern about the time that when they were eight, and went with their school to see Scott Rolen beat the Cubs...and how they've LOVED Scott Rolen ever since. These are how Cardinal fans operate, so I'm sure Rolen has to hit one now.
1:02 PM: Two on, one out. Kids screaming.
1:05 PM: Okay, Rolen doubles. Good enough. Cubs can't let 3 score this inning or it's over.
1:10 PM: Wow. That had five run inning written all over it. Good job by Dumpster to keep it 1-0. I'll be back.
Cardinals 1, Cubs 0

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