Monday, April 18, 2005

Whoops, Dusty did it again.

Monday night, Kerry Wood and the bullpen could not hold a 4 run lead. The Cubs batters failed to add to their lead in a pinball ballpark. That was only part of the problem.

The real travesty came in the Cub dugout. Dusty Baker sat on the bench and had brain cramp after brain cramp. There was a foul ball hit down the rightfield line where a fan interefered with Jeromy Burnitz’s opportunity to catch the ball. Dusty sat on his hands. He didn’t run out to argue the call. He didn’t even pop out of the dugout. Aurilia followed this up with a single that scored the tying runs.

In the wacky eighth (why the hell was Leicester pitching to begin with? Rusch had only went one, two, three in the 7th) with two outs Leicester who was struggling pitched to the eighth place hitter. Why didn’t they walk LaRue and have the Reds bring in a pinch hitter. At this point the Reds were down to two position players on the bench including the backup catcher. What happened. Leicester serves up a double to LaRue.

Jim Hendry, the time is now. Get rid of Dusty and save the Cubs season.

Welcome to the Cubs Len Kasper. Len sounded frustrated at the end of the game. Kasper seems like a nice guy. As he becomes a Cub fan he'll realize games like this are the norm.

Ronnie Wickers was hit by a car Monday afternoon in Wrigleyville. Wickers had a minor back injury.

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