Monday, April 18, 2005

Cubs/Reds LIVE Blogcast 6:10 CT

Cubs (6-6) @ Reds (6-5)
Tonight 6:10

TV: ESPN or Comcast Sports Net (in Chicago)
Radio: WGN 720-AM
Internet: 1060west Live Blogcast

Kerry Wood (0-1, 5.84 ERA) will face young RHP Matt Belisle (1-1, 3.52 ERA)

The Cubs come into this one, after winning two close games with the Pirates over the weekend. The offense should come alive in hitter friendly Great American Ballpark!

The Cub offense will come to life at hitter friendly Great American Ballpark tonite.

It'll be real interesting to see how Wood pitches in Cincy. Wood looked awful last start. The pressure is starting to stack up against the veteran RHP. If Wood wants to be the clubhouse leader he had better start doing something on the field.

It's Gametime

6:03 Nomar is not gonna play tonite. Perez is at SS hitting second. Hairston is leading off playing 2B, Patterson will hit 3rd. First pitch in a minute...

6:10 The top of the first is underway. Temperature is in the low 70's. Hairston leadsoff, he groundsout 4-3.

6:12 Perez line to Aurilia.

6:13 This kid is throwing strikes. Corey's down 0-1. PATTERSON BLASTS A HR TO THE BULLPEN IN RF. Cubs 1 - Reds 0.

6:14 Aramis seems to be swinging a missing more than I remember. RAMIREZ HITS IT DEEP TO LEFT. RONNIE MUST BE YELLING ON 'GN "BACK TO BACK JACKS!" Cubs 2 - Reds 0. (Kerry Wood couldn't ask for a better start!)

6:16 Burnitz with a full count just misses 3 in a row hitting one off the top of the fence in LF. It's a double. The hottest Cub DLee's comin' up...

side: The box with the bases on Comcast really sucks. Put a color up there so we can see who's on base.

6:19 DLEE HITS A BOMB ON TOP OF THE BATTERS EYE IN CF. 2 RUN HR. Cubs 4 - Reds 0 . I can't wait to here how far that went! 2 more RBi's for Lee he now has 16 on the season. CUB POWER!

6:21 Hollandsworth grounds out to Jimenez. At the end of a half Cubs 4 Redlegs comin' up...

side- I wonder who is broadcasting the game on ESPN? It's blacked out in Chicago.

6:24 Jimenez flies to Hollandsworth. 1 away.

6:25 Junior Griffey is hitting second. Junior is still looking for his first HR. Kerry looks decent early. Wood strikesout Griffey on a ball in the dirt. 2 down.

6:27 Wood gets ahead of Casey with a quick strike, now a ball one & one. Kerry misses high and outside. Stoney talked about Kerry missing with that pitch today on the Score. Casey singles to left center.

6:28 C'mon Kerry. Randa lines one to center. Corey makes a good catch running in. Good inning for Wood. Great inning for the Northsiders. Cubs 4-Reds 0

side- Did the Cubs let Dave Otto go? Or did Comcast give him a low ball offer like they did

6:31 Barrett grounds out to short.

6:32 Wood drives one to left. He misses a HR by a foot. High off the LF wall Wood has a double. This kid Belisle is not gonna be in the game much longer if he keeps hanging breaking balls to the Cub hitters.

6:36 Hairston way out in front hits a bomb foul to LF. This is batting practice so far for Cub batters. Belisle just threw his 35th pitch to Hairston. It's full...Jerry just misses a double on a foul down the thirdbase line...still full Hairston draws a walk his 4th of the season.

6:40 Perez is up with runners at first and second. The Cubs have seen 45 pitches from Belisle. Neifi lines to Dunn. 2 down.

6:42 Patterson's up, first pitch swinging Corey grounds to Jimenez. Cubs leave 2.

6:44 as Vin Scully would say this matchup is "Power vs. Power" Adam Dunn vs. Kerry Wood. DUNN WINS THIS BATTLE WITH A MONSTER HR TO RF. Cubs 4 -Reds 1

6:45 Wily Mo Pena's up. This guy can hit. He lines to Aramis. Aurilia flies to Patterson. (Why don't the Reds trade Kearns, Dunn, Pena or Griffey?)

6:47 LaRue grounds out Ramirez to DLee. End of Two, Cubs 4 - Redlegs 1

beer update -- I'm doing this live in the bunker. The problem is I'm on my last Old Style Light. Should I go to Jewel and get beer or just tough it out?

side-Man, Jiggs looks bad in the promo's for his show. He must be pushin' 4-1/2 notes.

6:51 Aramis lines hard to Wily Mo (Pena reminds me of a young Sosa.)

6:52 BURNITZ HITS ONE DEEP TO RF. CUB POWER. HR NUMBER FOUR OF THE NIGHT. Cubs 5 - Reds 1. Next Lee hits a "duck-snort" down the RF line. Lee goes to far on the turn and is caught, Pena throws him out trying to reach second. Two away.

6:54 Hollandsworth pops to Randa. After 2-1/2 Cubs 5 - Reds 1.

beer update: I just finished my last OS Light. Oh what to do. The rest of this game might be alcohol free.

side: Scottie Pippen is gonna call the Bulls playoff games with Tom Doerr and Red Kerr. What the hell is that all about?

6:56 Jacob Cruz hits for Belisle. He lines one to LF. Hollandsworth makes a nice catch on the warning track. Jimenez flies to Hollandsworth. Two quick outs for KW.

6:58 Griff Junior lines a double to left. His fifth of the year.

7:01 Wood's behind Casey 3-0. C'mon Kerry. Right down central it's 3-1. now full. Casey is way out of the batters box. Wood walks Casey. 2 on 2 out. Here's Randa.

7:03 Randa goes to 2-2 and Wood strikes him out on a ball in the dirt. End of 3 Cubs 5 - Redlegs 1

Final line on Belisle 3 IP, 7 H (6 extra base), 5 R, 5 ER, 1 BB, O K, 4 HR. He's lucky it's just 5-1.

7:06 Ben Weber the ex-Angel(remember the '02 series Dusty?) is in to pitch. This guy has that crazy motion. Barrett fans. (he's really struggling)

7:08 Wood groundsout 6-3

7:09 Here's Hairston, Jr. Jerry is hit by the pitch. He's on with two down.

7:10 Neifi smacks one to Jimenez. He's out 4-3. Cubs still lead 5-1

7:13 Bottom of 4. DUNN HITS ANOTHER BOMB TO RCF. HIS 2nd TONITE. It's now 5-2. This park plays like Coors Fd. 4 lifetime HR's for Dunn off of Wood. At least tonite they were both solo shots.

7:15 Wood strikes out Pena with a couple of high fastballs. Wily Mo expanded the strikezone.

7:17 Aurilia expands the zone and goes fishing at a slider outside. Nice pitch for Wood.

7:20 LaRue (David Weathers is up in the pen for Cincy) strikesout looking on a fastball on the outerhalf right on the black. Wood looks good through 4. Cubs 5 - Redlegs 2

side- Wood has thrown 61 pitches through 4. He seems to be working at a really good pace.

7:22 Patterson hits a 1-1 pitch between first and second for a single. Let's see if Corey moves. He doesn't as Aramis grounds to Randa. Corey's out at second. Jimenez doesn't throw to first. Ramirez is safe on a fielder's choice.

7:24 Burnitz lines a single to right.

7:26 DLee has 5 straight hits. (The homer in the first was measured at 482') The streak end as Lee hits one in the hole. Aurilia gets Burnitz at second. Lee's safe at first. Ramirez is at third.

7:28 Holly hits a slow roller back to Weber. End of 4-1/2 Cubs 5 - Reds 2

7:31 Ryan Freel will pinch hit for Weber. (Weber went 2 IP with 2 H, no runs and 1 strikeout) Freel doubles down the LF line.

7:33 Jimenez grounds to Neifi, Freel to third. Junior Griffey strolls to the plate.

side- Wasn't Junior just awesome when he was on the M's. The Kingdomes was made for Junior.

7:35 Griffey with an infield hit (Aramis couldn't come up with it.) FREEL SCORES. It's Cubs 5 - Reds 3

7:36 Hairston and Perez turn a nifty 4-6-3 DP on Casey. Wood's out of the 5th with the lead. Cubs 5 - Reds 3

7:38 ex-Cub David Weathers is in to pitch. Barrett needs a hit. He's hitting .135. He struck out throwing his bat at a ball that was two feet outside. He's really struggling.

7:40 Wood will hit. He groundsout 6-3.

7:41 Hairston better take a few pitches and let Wood get a breather. Ball one... a little fly to left field that Dunn overruns. Hairston takes 2B. We'll see how they score that. Len says a single and an error. Only the second error of the year by the Reds in their 12th game.

7:42 Hairston steal 3b.

7:43 c'mon Neifi. Neifi, with an insurance run sitting at third, strikesout on a check swing. Cubs strand another runner. It's 5-3

7:47 Wood to Randa (Adam Dunn on deck) who strikesout. That was a nasty slider. Kerry has six.

7:48 Dunn up with nobody on (thank god). He already has 2 HR tonite. Dunn went on a check swing but he ran half way to first. It's 3-2. Kerry throws one to the backstop. Dunn is on first and Wily Mo Pena represennts the tying run. Oh Boy.

7:50 (Mercker's up in the Reds pen) Pena doubles off the LF wall. Kerry's in trouble.

7:53 Aurilia (Rusch up in the Cubs pen) misses a double down the line by an eyelash. Rothschild to the mound. Wood has thrown 86 pitches. Aurilia hits one down the line. Fan interference is not called. Dusty did not argue. What the hell is going on? AURILIA SINGLES TO LF ON A BROKEN BAT. HOLLANDSWORTH DOESN'T THROW HOME. It's Cubs 5 - Reds 5.

7:56 LaRue fouls to DLee, nice catch.

7:57 Austin Kearns is gonna pinch hit in the bottom of the sixth. He grounds out 5-4. (Wood has thrown 95 pitches)

Cubs 5
Reds 5

8:00 As Chip would say: "Top of the hour in the Queen City".

8:01 Mercker's in. Corey lead's off. He's out trying to bunt his way on 1-3.

8:03 Aramis is 1-3 tonight with the HR in the first. The Reds bullpen has looked good tonight. This game looks like alot of Cub games last year where they would get a lead early and not add on any runs. Ramirez groundsout 5-3.

8:04 Burnitz a triple away from the cycle steps in. Hits a shot back up the middle. The ball bounces off of Mercker to Aurilia who throws Burnitz out. Get the piano off of your back Jeromy. Cubs fail to do anything. Cubs 5 - Reds 5

8:06 Wood is gone. Glendon Rusch is on. The line on Wood 6 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 2 BB, 6 K's, 2 HR. Wood's ERA is now 6.38. Yikes.

8:07 Jimenez k's

8:08 Griffey k's

8:10 Casey lines to Neifi. 3 up 3 down for Glendon Spahn. After 7, Cubs 5 - Redlegs 5. C'mon sticks. Come to life.

8:12 DLee is down 0-2 to Mercker. He flies to Pena in RF.

8:14 Hollandsworth against Mercker. Grounds to Casey. See ya' Todd. Why is Hollandsworth playing everyday?

8:16 Barrett who is in a horrible slump (0-24) lines out to Pena. Barrett's now 0-25. Three up three down again. The Cubs have only managed 3 hits since Belisle left the game.

Bottom of the 8th

8:20 Leicester is in to pitch. He walks Randa in front of Dunn. What the f^%&.

8:21 Leicester is down 2-0 to Dunn. Now it's 3-0. He walked Dunn on 4 straight. The winning run is a second. Pena coming up. Rothschild to the mound.

8:23 Pena misses a double down the line. (Bartosh is up in the Cub pen) Leicester hits Pena. Bases loaded.

8:25 Ground ball to Ramirez. He steps on third. He throws home. Barrett tags the runner at third and throws the ball past Ramirez. Dunn scores. Michael Barrett is not playing smart. He was throwing to 3b. Reds 6 - Cubs 5.

8:26 hold on a minute this is confusing. The runner that came home and scored Adam Dunn was forced by Ramirez. It's Red 5 - Cubs 5.

8:29 JASON LARUE DOUBLES TO OVER COREY's HEAD. The Reds now lead 7-5. This bullpen sucks. The Cubs blew a 4 run lead and now trail. Another bad 8th inning. Go figure.

8:31 Lopez hitting for Mercker. He fans.

After 8 Cubs trail 7-5

Danny Graves comes in to close it out for Cincy.

8:35 Nomar, came in on Dusty's flip flop in before the eighth, walks.

8:37 Hairston is up. He represents the tying run. He strikesout at a ball in the dirt.

8:40 Nomar to second on a wild pitch. Don Gullett to the hill to chat with Graves.

8:41 Neifi Perez (0-4 tonight) lines a single to right center. NOMAR SCORES. Reds 7 - Cubs 6.

8:42 Corey takes a strike and lines a single to right. Neifi to second. Only one out.

8:43 Ramirez drives Griffey to the warning track. Neifi to third. Two out.

8:45 c'mon Burnitz (3-4 tonight) swinging strike. fouls off a ball in the dirt. Burnitz grounds out to Jimenez.



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