Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cubs fall to D-Backs 5-4


former Cub Luis Gonzalez hit 2 HR's off of Greg Maddux.

On Tuesday night in Phoenix, the Cubs lost 5-4 to the D-backs. Russ Ortiz outpitched Greg Maddux to earn the victory. The Cubs got a homer from Todd Hollandsworth along with two hits from Todd Walker. It was not enough.

INFIELD DEFENSE -- what took it so long?
The Cubs poor infield defense arrived in the bottom of the fifth. Following a single by Tracy, Chris Snyder hit a ball up the middle to Nomar. Nomar tried to tag Tracy at second who was safe while Snyder reached on a fielders choice. Both would later score in the inning. That was the difference in the game. Mark my words, this will not be the first game the Cubs lose due to the "IFd".

Good baseball team are built strong up the middle.

Was his typical early season self...not too good. He went only 5.0 innings with 5 hits, 5 runs (all earned), 1 BB, 6 K's and 2 HR's (both to Luis Gonzalez).

Barrett caught Maddux. I know the company line was that he would catch Greg this year. Maddux shook off Barrett against the first hitter he faced in the game. The reality is Hank Blanco had a good spring. He has a good relationship with Maddux. Henry Blanco needs to catch Maddux 32 times in 2005.

The bullpen was sharp. Remlinger, Wuertz and Fox only allowed 1 hit.

One of these days, the Cubs need a starter to go deep into a ballgame. The problem is Dempster is scheduled to go on Wednesday and our Fragile Friend Kerry Wood will pitch on Friday, as long as he sleeps okay on Thursday night. Between these two guys you are guaranteed about two innings total.

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