Sunday, April 17, 2005

Not So Live Blogcast: Cubs at Pirates

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Sunday, April 17th 2005 @ 12:35PM CST
TV: WGN, Radio: WGN 720AM

1st Inning:
Cubs 0 Opponent 0

C-Patterson - strikes out. This is your lead off guy?
Hairston - Flies out to Tike Redmon F-8
Nomaah- Popped out to first. P-3

Site seen - The Roberto Clemente Bridge

Bottom of the 1st

Matt Lawton - ropes a single to RF
Jack Wilson - flies out to Bernitz and doubles up Lawton with a great throw to D. Lee
Jason Bay - strikes out looking

Top of the 2nd
Cubs 0 Pirates 0

Ramirez out 3-1 on the first pitch
D. Lee - out 4-3
Overheard: The first wacked out reference by Bob Brenly and the other guy to eating catfish out of the Pittsburg rivers.
Burnitz - flies out to Wilson 3-2

Bottom of the 2nd

I think we just found out what happened to Kerry Wood's control, its in Ben Wallace's afro:

Mackowiak - Hairston makes a great stop 4-3
Craig Wilson - out 5-3
Tike Redmond - out to D. Lee 3

Top of the 3rd
Just saw a commercial for Chevy. What do Dusty and Chevy have in common? Neither can manage a pitching staff.

Blanco - Flies out to Jason Bay 8
Maddux - Reached on E-5. Finally a baserunner
C Pat - a 1st pitch swing and an out to 3

inane game note: 3 Cub batters have now gone out on 1st pitch swings. Can we work the count a little bit?

Bottom of the 3rd

Ty Wiggington - out 4-3 (Do you think this guy's nickname is Wiggy?)
David Ross - F-9 to Burnitz
Mark Redman - SINGLE past Maddux's glove
Lawton - Hollandsworth either loses the ball or flat out does not hussle after it as the ball drops in for a two base hit. Maddux looks pissed.
Wilson hits a slow roller to Hairston who bare hands and throws to Lee, a sweep tag misses. redman scores. No argument from Dusty, I think he's getting his kid for the postgame interview. Bay singles to LF. Lawton scores. Cub 0 -Pirates 2
Mackowiak strikes out looking, thank god.

Top of the 4th
Cubs 0 Pitt 2

Hairston flies out
Nomar flies to RF (first pitch swinging)
Aramis doubles to the gap in RF.
DLee singles to shallow RCF scoring Aramis Cubs 1- Pitt 2
Burnitz grounds out 4-3.

Bottom of 4
Craig Wilson flies to CPat
Redman's out 1-3
Wiggington lines to Ramirez

Top of 5th
Cubs 1 Pitt 2

Hollandsworth walks
Blanco hits into a 4-6-3 doubleplay.
Maddux singles to left but is out not hustling as he tries to turn it into a double 5-4. Nice play by Wiggington.

Bottom of 5
Ross K's
Redmon 4-3
Lawton grounds to DLee, nice play

Top of 6
Cubs 1 Pitt 2
CPat reaches second on an error by Craig Wilson
Hairston sacrifices Corey to third.
Nomar drives him in on a Sac fly to RF. Game tied 2-2.
Hey-small ball
A-Ram walks
DLee single to RCF. A-Ram to third
Burnitz 4-6
3 runners left so far

Bottom of 6
Wilson 6-3
Bay 6-3
Mackowiak 9 (that was quick)

Top of 7
Cubs 2 - Pitt 2
When is Bob Brenly gonna read the Everwood promo?

Hollandsworth lines to Lawton who makes a great catch.
Blanco 6-3 still not off the schnide
Dubois (hitting for Maddux) broken bat grounder 5-3

Maddux is out. 77 pitches, 6 IP, 5 H, 3 SO, 0 BB, 2 ER

Bottom of 7
Cubs 2 Pirates 2
Our new Cubs pitcher is... Michael Wuertz

Craig Wilson with a basehit to LF
Salomon Torres is up and working in the Bucs pen
Redman flies to Patterson
Wiggy flies to Burnitz
Ross to Hairston. Nice job Michael Wuertz.

Top of 8
Cubs 2 - Pirates 2
Patterson flies to the track in CF
Hairston singles to LF
Nomar singles, Hairston- heads up - makes third.

Pitching Change. Torres is now in w/ runners on the corners.

Aramis walks
Bases loaded and so am I!
DLee RBI single to LF Hairston & Nomar score! (Small ball works)
Burnitz 4-6-3
CUBS 4 - Pirates 2

Bottom of the 8th
Pitching Change - Mike Remlinger is now in the game

Pinch Hitter - Sorry, never caught the name, but he's out 4-3
Lawton - out 1-3
Wilson - reached on E-5 (tough hop for Ramirez as he tallies his 3rd E of the season)

Pitching Change - Here comes Chad Fox

Bay - walks C'mon I don't want another game like Friday.
Mackowiack - out F-7. Disaster has been averted.

Top of the 9th

Hollandsworth - out
Blanco - out
Macias - walks
C-Pat - out (struck out looking) I'm through with commenting on this.

Bottom of the 9th

Pitching Change - In comes LaTroy (I'd keep my eyes closed, but then I couldn't document this)

Craig Wilson
0-1 (good pitch)
0-2 (93 MPH on the gun, good dtuff LaTroy)
0-3 (Struck out looking. Now that's how a closer pitches)

Tike Redmon
1-0 (C'mon, lets go here)
2-0 (92 MPH)
3-0 (Are you kidding me?)
3-1 (Finally, a strike)
4-1 (Nice walk there, Russel)

Daryl Ward (in to pinch hit)
0-1 (94 MPH)
Ball in play 4-6-3


Here's the Final:

Cubs 4 7 1
Pirates 2 6 2

WP - Wuertz 1-0, LP Redman 1-1
Save - Hawkins (2)

The 1060west Player and Goat of the Game:

Player of the Game:
Vehere - D. Lee
Corn Cobb Dress - D. Lee

Goat of the Game:
Vehere - C. Patterson
Corn Cobb Dress - T. Hollandsworth

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