Thursday, April 07, 2005

Former Cub Report

Hi folks, remember me?

Wrigleyville’s favorite son, Kyle Farnsworth got his first regular season outing as a Detriot Tiger, pitching 1 inning allowing 1 walk and striking out 3 as the Tigers were beaten by the Kansas City Royals 7 - 2.

Just my humble opinion, but I suspect that without the everyday hassle of having to get up for day games, Farnsy is going to turn out to be a fine reliever for the Tigers. It’s too bad that Tai’s til 4 couldn’t have banned him (along with every other bar in the neighborhood.) Unless Farnsy finds Greek Town in Detroit, expect to see good numbers from the Farns.

Right now, its a bit too early for the Sahm comparisons to Burnitz although Sahm went 0-4 yesterday with a strikeout (typical early season Sahm numbers, I guess Baltimore is just as cold as Chicago)

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