Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I surfed over to Yahoo today. While there I noticed that Tom Verducci gave his two cents on the injuries to Prior & Wood.

Mark Prior begins his second consecutive season on the disabled list, and Kerry Wood's first start was delayed until Friday because of a shoulder injury. Cubs fans are wondering what has become of their pair of aces.

Is there any particular reason, other than luck, that Prior and Wood have had problems staying healthy the past couple of seasons? Cubs manager Dusty Baker likes to leave his starting pitchers in for long outings. Where do you stand on the pitch-count debate and whether high totals contribute to injuries?
-- Corey Roman, Naples, Fla.

I do think pitch counts and innings totals for young pitchers need to be monitored closely. The workloads of Prior and Wood certainly give people reason to question whether they have been a factor in their injuries. I would put
A.J. Burnett in that category, too. However, I think Wood's mechanics and the strain his violent breaking ball put on his arm earlier in his career are also in play. And sometimes, despite all the caution and best intentions, pitchers simply just get hurt.

Thanks Tom! While I was tooling around Yahoo I noticed that Ryno is writing an article for their site. Now I love Ryno like any other Cub fan. But it is very hard for me to believe that Ryno is writing these articles.

Who is Ryno's pen man? His Ford Frick?

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