Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Margaritaville in Wrigleyville?

You have to hand it to the Cubs. They sure seem to be taking a look at as many ways to raise additional revenues as possible. Today's rumor comes from Crain's Chicago Business . Crain's reports that Andy MacPhail and the Tribsters are looking into having concerts at Wrigley Field. Alderman Tom Tunney has not said yes or no to this idea.

Jimmy Buffet might be singing more than the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley in 2005!

Springsteen had a few dates at Fenway last season and the reviews that I heard from Boston were outstanding. The Cubs are looking at an act like Jimmy Buffet. Buffet has been a guest conductor of the seventh inning stretch several times through the years. Buffet is a Cub fan and a big baseball fan.

My favorite Wrigleyville resident Charlotte Newfeld had to chime in: “I can’t think of them doing a more stupid thing at a time they’re trying to have a warm and fuzzy relationship with their neighbors. People are going to go ape.”

There is not another team in sports that puts up with this much garbage from "friendly neighbors". Charlotte will rip any idea that comes out of the offices at Clark & Addison. MacPhail could find the cure for cancer and stop world hunger and Newfeld would complain. Charlotte has not actually tried to work with any idea proposed by the Cubs in years.

If this means more money for Jim Hendry's payroll in 2005 bring on the ParrotHeads!

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