Tuesday, November 09, 2004


This thing is getting funnier by the moment.

In today's Tribune Kerry Wood, when asked if he destroyed Sahm's boombox, said: "I don't have the balls to do that". If this is true, and who wouldn't believe Kerry, it probably means that we have another 1060 West scoop--reported by our Wrigleyville "Neighborhood Sleuth" Vehere. Vehere told me right after this story broke that Mark Prior did it. Even after I told him ESPN1000 reported it was Wood, he told me his sources said Prior.

If Kerry's telling the truth, I think we have our guy Inspector...

Who Broke Sammy's Boom box?

Mark Prior
1060west's Vehere is reporting that Mark Prior did the damage.

In real Cub news--well kind of-- Bob Brenly's gonna sit next to the play-by-play man to be named later in the Cub tv booth. Brenly is a good announcer, with network experience at FOX. I'm happy for Brenly, he won't have to sit next to lil' Thommy anymore.

What I really find interesting about this move is the Cubs now have a TV analyst who has managed more World Series wins than Dusty Baker. I have no inside contacts, like Vehere, but I find it very interesting that the Cubs added Chris Speier (who coached for Brenly on the 2001 World Champion D-Back team) to be Third Base Coach and now Brenly to be the TV analyst. Either one of these guys could be the next Manager of the Cubs. I am not saying this is going to happen. But if the Cubs get off to a mediocre start in '05, Dusty may want to take a look over his shoulder.

Wouldn't either Speier or Brenly be a better replacement than say Bruce Kimm or Jim Essian?


As I'm sure you've heard by now Roger Clemens one his 100th Cy Young today. Big Deal. Congrats to Carlos Zambrano for coming in 5th place!

Here is the voting:
Player, team 1st 2nd 3rd Tot
Clemens, Hou. 23 8 1 140
Johnson, Ari. 8 18 3 97
Oswalt, Hou. 1 3 5 19
Schmidt, S.F. - 1 10 13
Zambrano, Cubs - 1 5 8
Pavano, Fla. - 1 3 6
Gagne, L.A. - - 3 3
Lidge, Hou. - - 1 1
Sheets, Mil. - - 1 1

Carlos had a great year. He was 16-8 with a 2.75 ERA in 209.2 IP. Prior and Wood were on the covers of all the magazines, but Zambrano was the Cubs best starter.

GM Meetings

Quiet as expected. FA activity will pickup after the 12th.

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