Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Bruce Levine with ESPN 1000 is reporting that the Cubs are looking at Placido Polanco or Craig Counsell as replacements for Grudz and Walker in 2005.


Polanco is 29 years old. In 2004 he played in 126 games, hit .298 with 17 HR, 55 RBi and 7 SB. Polanco had 27 BB and 39 SO, his OBP is .345. Polanco is right handed hitter who had a .995 fielding percentage at 2B in 2004.


Counsell is the other option, Bruce is reporting. Counsell is 34. The former Golden Domer struggled in 2004 with the Brewers. In 140 games he hit .241 with 2 HR's, 23 RBi and 17 SB. His OBP was .330 with 88 SO and 59 BB. Craig had a .983 fielding percentage in 2004 playing all but one game at SS. Counsell hits left handed and has the most disturbing batting stance in baseball.

Another Candidate:
The Louisiana Lumberjack

The Louisiana Lumberjack! Todd Walker had a good offensive season with the Cubs. In 129 games he hit .274 with 15 HR and 50 RBi. His OBP was .352 he had 43 BB and 52 SO. The problem for Lumberjack is that there are two parts of the game. Walkers defense is not good. He had a .981 fielding percentage at 2B in 2004. Walker was a pretty outspoken member of the team this year.

Other Free Agents
Robbie Alomar - Just kidding
World Series Hero The Horn -- Never
Miggy Cairo - Don't laugh, he is just as good if not a better option than all of the clowns on top.
Grudz - I don't see Grudz coming back. He didn't like the paycut he took last year.
Jose Hernandez - Not again
Jeff Kent - Another jerk. This guy would fit in great in the Cub clubhouse!
Desi Relaford - Please no
Tony Womack - Womack was the sparkplug for the Cards offense this past season. He is the only guy on this list that could leadoff. His age and injury history are an issue.

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