Monday, November 15, 2004


With Omar Vizquel signing in San Fran it's time to look at who will lead the Cubs 2005 infield.

Nomar said all the right things while play SS for the Cubs. The injuries were just too much. Nicknamed "Glass" by his Georgia Tech teammates, Nomar lived up to that billing down the stretch. That being said Jim Hendry knew he was getting an injured player when he traded for Garciaparra. The Cubs GM has to figure out if Nomar will ever have another healthy season. When he's healthy he's a great player.

Renteria has always been a favorite of Jim Hendry. Signing the Redbird SS would add to the Cubs and more importantly take away from the rival Cards. One thing is sure, Renteria is gonna make alot of money this off season. How much are you willing to pay a Gold Glove SS who hit .287 with 10 HR, 72 RBi, 84 R, & 17 SB?

Who is the real Orlando Cabrera? The one who played in 2003 with Montreal, the one that played in Montreal this year, or the one we saw in Boston during the playoffs. One thing is sure, Cabrera can pick it. If he ever plays up to his potential he'll be an All Star SS in the NL.

Other FA Shortstops:

Christian Guzman - switch hitting SS the Twins are going to let test the FA waters. Hit .274 in 145 games, 576 AB, 84 R, 158 H, 31 2b, 8 HR, 46 RBi, 10 SB, 5 CS, & a .693 OPS. Rumor has it he'll end up on the Southside.

Royce Clayton - yuck!

A-Gon - Botched the DP in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. He'll never be back.

Barry Larkin - old and injury prone. Dusty loves veterans.

Pokey Reese - not a starter but he's a good glove man.

Jose Valentin - This guy is AWFUL! Don't even think about it Jim Hendry.


Kevin B. O'Reilly said...

I think you mean Orlando Cabrera, not Miguel Cabrera! Though I'd love to sign Miguel Cabrera. 8-)

CCD said...

Thank you Kevin. I really need to learn how to better edit my own posts. Sorry, CCD