Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cub Happenings & a Quick Word for Mr. Paul Tagliabue

Not much is going on in Cubdom, but alot is going on in Cubdom...
First off Dave O'Brien will not be the Cubs new play by play man. ESPN has decided not to allow him out of his contract. O'Brien will remain with ESPN and he'll call 50 games for Sammy and the Mets in 2005.

Speaking of Sammy, a couple of other teams have popped up with interest in number 21. The Devil Rays (Straightup for a youngster named Joey Gathright) and the Marlins are looking at La Pantera. Maybe there is a market for Sammy and his big contract. Stay tuned...

Here's the latest on Cubs never ending battle with city hall: the Cubs are taking another shot on bleacher expansion. According to the Trib they want to move the outside bleacher wall out to the curb on Sheffield and Waveland. Thus they would eliminate the sidewalk next to the park.

I have so many questions and maybe a comment or two on this:
Why is blocking the sidewalk better than "El-like" posts over the streets?
Don't people walk and drive underneath the "El" throughout Chicago?
If public safety is the worry, just have Daley install a few more cameras.
Didn't the Trib just sign lucrative agreements with all the rooftop owners; how will this screw up their views?
If you owned a rooftop would you ask the Cubs to lower their fees if the view is less?
How can a city that built "The New" Soldiers Field critique any teams plans for their stadium?

Paging Mr. Paul Tagliabue

I don't usually comment on social issues nor the NFL on this site. But this whole "Desperate Housewives/Monday Night Football" controversey is great.

Read what Dan Rooney (Steelers Owner) said:

"I couldn't believe it. It's a disgrace. When they have a football player and they're in a dressing room and they're selling our shield, our product, they've got to have some idea of correctness. It's insensitive. It's inconceivable.

"The Janet Jackson thing was bad--I'm not lessening that. This thing was worse."

These comments don't look good Mr. Rooney.

Hey Dan and Paul be careful what you say. The NFL more than any other league has marketed T&A for years. T&A and the NFL Shield go together like PB & J.

This league and their shield bring the Raiderettes, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and several other teams dance squads into your living room on a weekly basis. Several preseason publications have pictures of cheerleaders in their centerfolds. Have you seen the camera shots of the cheerleaders during games? Take a look at the women who have been featured in beer commercials for years, remember the Coors Twins? Do any commercials have more sexual innuendo than all the new male enhancement drugs? What about all the good looking female sideline reporters, were they the best journalists available?

The more the NFL makes a big deal of this, the more they look like hypocrites. The NFL makes alot of money from networks like ABC and commercial spots that sell sex. Give back the beer advertising money, get rid of the cheerleaders, no hotties on the sideline. C'mon. T&A is a BIG part of the NFL presentation. It has been since the 1970's. Everybody over at the NFL needs to take a deep breath and worry about something that matters.


mmorgaine said...

Okay, I can deal with the NFL's hipocracy regarding the 'Desperate Housewives' thing. What I don't think I'll ever understand is why ABC thought that it was a good cross promotion in the first place. I mean, really, how many NFL fans are gonna watch a night time soap?

Nice work, btw, covering Cubs stuff not covered elsewhere in Cubdom. I'll be dropping by more often. (I found your site via Al Yellon's blog.)

CCD said...

You have gotta love this NFL cross promotion. The scary part is: I have seen more minutes of Desperate House Wives than I have Monday Night Football this year. What has happened to me? Should I be worried or should Tagliabue?

marino said...

I'm with you CornCobb.. I too am watching more Desperate Housewives than MNF. Reminds me of the 80's when everyone in my high school was watching Dallas. Funny thing is, I find the show entertaining, but relatively harmless. Remember, this is the 'Sex and the City' generation. That show makes DH look like Leave it to Beaver.

Bottom line for me: Get off your high horse people.