Thursday, November 11, 2004

The FA Market is Now Open...

Let the bidding begin. Take a look at this list. This list creates alot of possibilities for teams that have money to spend like the Cubs.

Scott Boras is licking his chops. While Carlos Beltran prepares to break the bank other Boras clients J.D. Drew, Maggs Ordonez, Adrian Beltre and Derek Lowe look to do okay. Most fans hate Boras. As a Cub fan, I have hated Boras since maddux went to the Braves. That being said the guy is a tremendous agent. The fact that he was able to get Tom Hicks and the Rangers bidding against themselves in the A-Rod negotiations still amazes me. If you were a ballplayer, why would you have anybody besides Boras represent you?

We will see how serious the Cubs are about Beltran. We will also find out if they can get a leadoff hitter from this crop. Who will be the SS? The waiting is over or is it just beginning?

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman is pushing instant replay. Although a 15-15 vote at the General Managers meeting means nothing will happen in the coming year, mark my words instant replay in the grand old game is just a matter of time.

For the record I do not like instant replay in the NFL nor the Big Ten. I'm not really sure how instant replay is used in the NBA and I quit following the NHL when Gretzky left Edmonton. The major reason replay is so important in football is gambling. Betting on baseball is no where near that of the NFL or College Football. So why does baseball need instant replay? I don't think it does.

In the playoffs you saw Umpires huddle up and change calls. In each case they got the call right. That will not always happen. Bad calls are part of sports. Many instant replay calls are still called incorrectly--rememeber Don Majkowski's pass against the Bears. Jeez that brings back bad memories.

Finally here's a link that will tell you more about the Cubs soon to be named play by play man Dave O'Brien:

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