Sunday, November 21, 2004

What the market will cub...

The Cubs announced that ticket prices will rise across the board in 2005. This will be the third straight season that prices have gone up. The lowest increase will be in the $1-$2 range, the highest increase will be 20%.

In addition to the increase you will see an increase in the number of "Prime" dates and a decrease in the "Regular" and "Value" dates. This will mean more revenue for the Cubs in 2005. Here's the comparison between 2004 & 2005:

Game Type20042005
Prime Games2840
Regular Games4535
Value Games86

For a more detailed breakdown check out Byron Clarke's post at The Cubdom.

The easy thing to do right now, is to go into a rant about ticket prices. As a fan, that spends too much of my disposable income at Wrigley Field, I am really tempted. The fact is: if I choose not to go to a game, because of price, there are plenty of Cub fans who will take my ticket. Simple economics tells you the increase is the right decision.

Demand for Cub tix has never been higher. Selling out every game in 2004, for the first time in franchise history, guaranteed a ticket price hike for 2005. They won't have any trouble selling the seats at the increased price. Looking ahead we should probably expect another increase before 2006.

The Cubs are in a great position right now. The team on the field has a nucleus that will make it a winner over the next several seasons. Recently the Cubs have found the following new revenue streams: rooftop surcharges, ticket scalping, $250 seats behind home plate, scoreboard advertising down the lines and underneath the scoreboard, forming Comcast Sports Net with the Sox, Hawks and Bulls. Bleacher expansion and the Wrigley Field campus construction west of the ballpark will create even more revenue. All of these revenues will provide Jim Hendry with the money needed to build a winning franchise.

Creating Revenue: The proposed Wrigley Fd. campus and bleacher expansion

As much as I'd like to complain about the price increase, I won't. If Jim Hendry invests this money wisely, my checkbook will never notice.

Other Stuff...

According to the Trib the Cubs are going to offer Matty Clement salary arbitration.

Phil Rogers writes a piece on the great job Jim Hendry does.

ESPN's Jayson Stark is reporting that MLB is providing teams with a "Free Agent Advice Form". Take a look at a sample of the advice form.

Ken Rosenthal says the Cubs are close to landing Tony Womack to play 2B.

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