Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Mets clearing room for Sosa by dealing Piazza to Angels?

The Sammy-to-the-Mets (for Cliff Floyd) rumor seems to have legs. Here's the latest from NYC. Another NYC rag has the Mets dealing Piazza to the Angels to make room for Sahm. The Mets have also declined the $10.2 Million option on Al Leiter. (Note: Leiter might fit in great with the Cubs he could be the fifth starter and sit in the TV booth the other 4 days with Brenly. Brenly would let him talk more than McCarver and Joe Buck did during the ALCS.)

So the Mets are clearing payroll, meanwhile Adam Katz wants the players union to allow Sammy to restructure his deal so the automatic option for 2006 will not kick in when he is dealt(yes, I said when). This article in the Bright One says that the players union is leaning towards allowing this to happen. If the union will allow this, it looks to me like the trade is a done deal.

Another rumor that I heard this evening has Hendry bringing back Womack to play 2b and leadoff. This probably makes sense due to the lack of production at the top of the lineup in '04.

I cannot help but wonder what the Cubs would have looked like in '05 had they won the Wild Card in '04. Hmmm.

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