Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Maddux is Golden & Cubs Hot Stove Stuff

Congrats to Cub Greg Maddux on winning his 14th Gold Glove.

Ahhh the joy of the off season. Hope Springs Eternal! I'm sure Jim Hendry is going to build a World Champiuonship team this off season. Anyhow, here's some news from around the Majors concerning the Northsiders:

Nomar is telling friends he'll move to 2B to play with his friends Jeter and A-Rod in the Bronx. What will the BoSox fans do if Nomar is part of the Evil Empire?

The LA Times is reporting that Jim Hendry and the Cubs are among 6 teams with interest in Troy Percival.

Rozner tells us that Chris Speier is an interesting choice as 3b coach. It looks to me like he's Dusty's replacement should 2005 go poorly.

I'm sure if I could read the Spanish papers I'd find more controversey surrounding the Cub RF. But here's what Phil Rogers wrote for ESPN about Sahm. Another story by Mark Kreidler details what a pain in the a$% Sammy was this year.

Another ESPN hack predicts that "Reverse the Curse" will become a cottage industry in Chicago like it was in Boston. Ahhhh you have gotta love the East Coast bias of ESPN.

Finally, in the story that will never go away. The City of Chicago is telling the Cubs what they can and can't do with the proposed bleacher expansion.

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