Wednesday, December 01, 2004

2005 HOF Candidates

2005 HOF candidates
The 2005 ballot features 27 candidates, with 15 returnees and 12 newcomers. (Years on ballot)
Jim Abbott (1)
Bert Blyleven (8)
Wade Boggs (1)
Tom Candiotti (1)
Dave Concepcion (12)
Chili Davis (1)
Andre Dawson (4)
Steve Garvey (13)
Rich Gossage (6)
Tommy John (11)
Mark Langston (1)
Don Mattingly (5)
Jack McDowell (1)
Willie McGee (1)
Jeff Montgomery (1)
Jack Morris (6)
Dale Murphy (7)
Otis Nixon (1)
Dave Parker (9)
Tony Phillips (1)
Jim Rice (11)
Ryne Sandberg (3)
Lee Smith (3)
Terry Steinbach (1)
Darryl Strawberry (1)
Bruce Sutter (12)
Alan Trammell (4)

As a Cub fan, I look at the list above and I think Ryno and Sutter should be locks. I will not claim to be impartial.

You know you are old when you can remember the careers of all the players on the HOF ballot. The other players that I'd like to see make it include Jim Rice, Jack Morris, Bert Blylevan, and Wade Boggs (although I wouldn't vote for Boggs on the first ballot).

How did Terry Steinbach get on the list?

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