Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Say it ain't so...Lil' Thom back with the Cub

Nothing, I mean nothing, runs cold chills up my spine in the middle of August like having to listen to Lil' Thom Brennaman giggle like a little school girl. Thank the good man upstairs that he has seen fit to place Thommy out in Arizona. The D-backs have become so irrelevant in the NL that I never turn to FOX Sports Ariz. in the summertime. The two or three times each year that he shows up in Chicago covering a National Game for FOX is more than enough for my tastes.

So with Lil' Thom long out of my mind (besides when he holds the NLCS hostage each year) I turn to read Barry Rozner today and I get this headline "Brennaman now seems a possibility". I spit up my Cap'n Crunch.

I don't care what lame mid-market announcer the Cubs pull out to sit next to Bob Brenly. Please, please don't let it be Brennaman. I was under the understanding that this guy had burned so many bridges leaving Chicago that there was no way he would ever come back. Keep those bridges burned Trib Exec's! It was bad enough that he called the Cubs in the NLCS in 2003. 7 games of Brennaman was hard to take, imagine 150+.

I have been pretty down on this franchise for sometime now. One way to bring me back will be to hire ANYBODY, BUT THOM. I PROMISE I WILL BE A POSITIVE CUB FAN IN 2005 IF THEY DON'T HIRE THOMMY BOY.

Keep him and his "silent h" out in the Arizona heat.

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