Monday, November 08, 2004

Mo Alou Update from Japan

Fresh off his Horse Farm in the Dominican Republic, Mo Alou homered for the MLB All Stars today in Japan. No word on how many times he checked his swing and argued with the home plate ump. Without Stoney to kick around Alou has few excuses on this trip to Japan.

Making this story even more interesting is the fact that Alou tells he wants to play for his Dad in San Francisco. Can you imagine an OF with two bigger malcontents than Bonds and Moises? Due to the fact that Bonds plays LF, Mo would have to play RF and hit fifth. Hitting Fifth in the Giants lineup would not be the issue. Playing RF... Teams will run all day on the Giants with those two in the corner OF positions.

GM Meetings
Jim Hendry heads to the GM Meetings this week. I don't expect any major moves at these meetings. The Cubs may add a bench player or middle reliever. The real needs: offensive players with high OBP, a leadoff hitter,& a closer will take more time to solve. These meetings will hopefully pave the way for several deals over the next few weeks that may clear some salary(RF?).

In other news ExCub backstop Damian Miller will not be back with the A's. He is now a Free Agent. This too from Oakland reports have Billy Bean interested in trading one of the big three Mulder, Zito or Hudson. Hmmm

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