Monday, November 22, 2004

It's time for these guys to shut up

It's another slow day in Cubville. Here's the latest version of "When Athletes Talk":

Mo Alou and Kent Mercker decided to start yapping again over the weekend. These two made the second half of the Cub season unenjoyable. One of the best parts of opening the paper, the last month and a half, has been that there has not been any idiotic comments from either one of these clowns. Both seemed to make a habit of making crazy comments directed at announcers and others this past summer.

Yesterday Alou decided it was time for him to stick up for Sammy in the Boston Globe. Following criticism from Wood, Prior, and Todd Walker, I guess it's good to know that somebody on the team could tolerate Sammy. Is Alou simply sticking up for his countryman and teammate? or is he laying the groundwork to ease Sahm's return to the Northside? I don't know. I have no idea why Alou ever says anything.

Former Cub reliever Kent Mercker decided it was time for him to clear the air on what happened with the Stone Pony. The stories that were told by Stone & Chip seem to be pretty different than Mercker's. I guess the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. I have a real problem with Mercker being so concerned with comments by tv broadcasters. But Dusty allowed it to happen.

These two guys were part of the problem in 2004. The whole season was painful enough. Time to move on. It sounds like neither one of these guys will be back in 2005. I'm okay with that.


Other Baseball Stuff

Gabe Kaplar is going to play in Japan in 2005.

It's pretty dead out there. Maybe one of these days the hot stove will begin heating up.

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