Monday, July 25, 2005

Wood will not start again for Cubs in 2005

The never ending saga of Kerry Wood's Cub career took a funny turn on Monday afternoon. Wood was placed on the 15 day DL. Now the weird part...if Wood returns at all this season he will pitch out of the Cubs bullpen. Yes, kids the bullpen. For years people have imagined Wood as a closer. Now the highest paid player on the Cubs will be a setup man. What can you say?

Although Wood's shoulder is going to need surgery at the end of the year the Cubs do not intend to shut him down at this point. I guess they think he can help throwing an inning or two out of the weak Cubs pen. At this point I have no idea. The Cubs and Wood have told us for years that Kerry is a starting pitcher.

Is this a turning point in Wood's career or just a temporary move until his shoulder is healthy? It's real hard to say. Whatever this is one thing is sure Woody never lived up to the expectations put on him.

If any of you live in Peoria or are traveling over there get over to O'Brien Field to see Nomar play Tuesday, Wednesday or Thirsty Thursday this week.

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