Friday, July 29, 2005

What to do with Nomar?

Last year Nomar was the talk of Chicago, a year later he finds himself working through the minors in another comeback. When the Cubs acquired Garciaparra expectations for the 2004 team skyrocketed. Nobody would have expected that young Matt Murton, also acquired in the deal, would play a more significant role for the 2005 Cubs.

Now, it looks like Nomar's stint at Peoria is complete. In his two games with the Chief's Garciaparra was 1-for-5 with two walks and a run scored. Nomar will head to Jackson, TN to play for the DiamondJaxx.

Nomar’s quick recovery from his violent injury back in April has put the Cubs in an unfamiliar situation. At shortstop the Cubs have some different options both short-term and more interestingly long-term.

In the short-term the Cubs have to figure how healthy Nomar is and how is he best suited to help the team down the stretch. Do they sit Neifi Perez who has done a fine job filling in for Garciaparra or do they platoon the two?

Looking down the road where does Nomar fit into the Cubs long term plans? Last month, when the Cubs honored Mia Hamm, it was mentioned that Nomar and Mia are building a home in Winnetka and plan on making Chicago their home. Nomar signed a one year deal with the Cubs last winter. Do the Cubs have a handshake agreement to keep Nomar? When will Ronny Cedeno be given a shot to play everyday for the Cubs. If that chance comes next season should the Cubs sign the high priced Garciaparra? Would Cedeno or Nomar be able and willing to play second base? What would happen to all of this if the Cubs deal for Soriano?

There weren’t many suitors for Nomar last winter. After this severe injury there will be few, if any. Garciaparra is a great draw and a fan favorite. With the emergence of Derrek Lee the Cubs have their superstar. If the Cubs can get Nomar at a cheap rate I’d sign him again. I hope at this point in his career, Nomar will consider a position change if it is best for the team.

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