Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jumping on the wagon

The wins the Cubs have recorded the last two nights were they types of games they were losing earlier this season. So I guess with one foot still on the ground, I’ll pick it up and hop hesitantly onto the Cubs “Wildcard Bandwagon”. It looks like Len Kasper is driving. I hope he stays sober and allows me to drink an Old Style or six on the back of this thing.

The Northsiders continue to battle for the NL Wildcard. John Dooley declared the Washington Nats dead. Why shouldn’t they be? There number one starter has announced he will have season ending surgery and their GM is Jim Bowden who is bound to get pantsed by a deal or two at the deadline. This puts the Cubs in a battle with Houston, Philly, the Mets and the Marlins for the final playoff spot in the NL. These 5 teams are all within 1-1/2 of each other.

The Cubs currently stand at 51-48. That’s 99 games played. My public school math tells me that the Cubs need to go 41-22 in their remaining 63 games to win 92 games. That means they need to play at a .651 clip over the last two months. Even if you lower the bar to 90 games for the Wild Card the Cubs have to play .619 winning baseball. Houston and Philly only have slight advantages over the Cubs when you look at it from this perspective. Houston would have to play .635 ball to win 92 and .603 to win 90. Whatever way you look at this a team is gonna have to finish on a tear to win 90+ games.

How many wins do you think it’ll take to win the NL Wildcard? Do you think the Nats are dead? Who do you consider the favorite at this point? Are you gonna jump on the bandwagon?

As long as Mr. Dooley is right and the Nationals are dead, we have ourselves a race. I am on the wagon! Hey Len, do we need air in the tires?

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