Friday, July 15, 2005

Cubs/Bucs Blogcast Friday 1:20

The Cubs will battle the .500 mark along with the Pirates today at Wrigley Fd. Kerry Wood will take the hill for his first start of the second half. The Cubs are trying to extend their winning streak to five.

Kerry Wood vs. Josh Fogg
Wrigley Fd.

TV: Comcast (DirecTV #640)
ONLINE: 1060west


M. Lawton rf .276
F. Sanchez 3b .271
J. Bay cf .295
C. Wilson lf .269
D. Ward 1b .271
J. Castillo 2b .270
R. Doumit c .197
J. Wilson ss .225
J. Fogg p .107

J. Hairston Jr. cf .272
T. Walker 2b .304
D. Lee 1b .376
J. Burnitz rf .277
A. Ramirez 3b .298
T. Hollandsworth lf .269
N. Perez ss .267
M. Barrett c .264
K. Wood p .067

1:20-Wood's first pitch is low and we are underway.
1:23-full count on Matt lawton he flies to Holly.

Conditions: 78 degrees. Sunny, Wind is blowing in.

1:24 Sanchez flies to Burnitz
1:25 Bay was 0 for 4 yesterday. He's 1 for his last 22, OUCH. Wood's throwin' hard 96 MPH. In between hop grounder eats up Ramirez. Score it E-5. Bays at first.
1:27 Craig Wilson strikesout lookin'. Here come the Bruins.
1:30 Hairston out 5-3 on a bunt attempt.
1:31 Walker swings at the first pitch and grounds to first.
1:32 Lee flies deep to RCF. I counted 4 pitches in the inning.
After 1. 0-0
Top o' the second
1:35 Ward flies to the corner in RF where Burnitz makes a good catch.
1:36 Castillo Homers to RCF. Buccos 1-Cubs 0
1:37 Doumit 6-3
1:38 Wilson pops to Neifi
Let's see if Cub hitters will start taking some pitches.
1:41 3-0 to Burnie. Fogg comes back and makes the count full. Burnitz doubles off of the vines in LCF. The wind kept that ball in the park.
1:43 Aramis grounds out 5-3
1:44 Hollandsworth's playing today. He lines to 2nd.
1:46 Two outs Neifi singles in Burnitz. It's 1-1.
1:47 Barrett lines a single down the line.
1:50 Wood drives one deep to LCF. Neifi scores, Barrett scores. It's a two out two run double for Wood. Nice.
1:51 Hairston grounds out.
after 2
Cubs 3 - Pirates 1
1:54 Fogg whiffs
1;55 Lawton k's
1:58 Sanchez makes it 3 up 3 down for Wood.
2:04 Lee singles to LF
2:07 Burnitz singles to RF. Lee to 3b
2:08 Ramirez hits his 20th into the LF bleachers. It's 6-1 northsiders.
2:09 Holly's out 4-3
2:11 Neifi lines to second
after 3
Cubs 6 - Pirates 1
2:15 Bay whiffs
2:16 Wilson grounds out 6-3
2:18 Ward flies to Jerry Junior who makes a nice running catch going back on the ball.
2:22 Barrett out 4-3, Wood 5-3
2:24 Hairston flies to RF.
after 4
Cubs 6 - Pirates 1
You hate to call any lead comfortable but this feels pretty comfy. Wood is throwing well and the Cubs are scoring some runs.

2:26 Castillo singles. that's the second hit for the Bucs
2:29 Doumit groundsout. castillo to second.
2:30 Jack Wilson hits a grounder to Neifi who throws to third to easily get Castillo. That was some really bad baserunning.
2:31 Redman pinch hits for Fogg, who only goes 4, he fans. Woody is sailing.
Meadows relieves Josh Fogg.
2:34 Ward makes a real nice play on a grounder hit down the line by Walker. He robs Todd of a double.
2:35 Lee's out 6-3
2:38 Burnitz works the count full. He lines to short.
End of 5
Cubs 6 - Pirates 1
Top of 6th. The third time through the order for Wood.
2:43 2-1 changeup to Lawton who grounds out to Walker.
2:44 Sanchez pops to Walker. To quick outs.
2:45 Bay flies to Burnie. Cubs still up pretty good. 6-1
The traffic in Chicago is getting worse. In the middle of the day on a Friday It took me 50 minutes to make a trip that usually takes 40 minutes during rush hour.

ROSTER MOVES- The Cubs put Greenberg on the DL with his concussion. Grieve was recalled.
Also the Marlins have designated Al Leiter for assignment.

2:48 Ramirez leads off with a single to shallow center. He's 2 for 3.
2:50 Hollandsworth hits a little "duck-snort" to left. Craig Wilson looks lost out in LF. Not as bad as when the Mets moved Tawd to LF. That was brilliant. Was Bobby Valentine the Met Manager that did that?
2:52 Neifi's wearing some funky sun-glasses at the plate. He lines a double over Wards head down the line. Ramirez comes home. Holly to third. The Cubs lead 7-1. Way to go Neifi.
2:53 Meadows is intentionally walking Michael Barrett. The bases are drunk for Wood.
2:56 Kerry steps in- Len just told us that Kerry has 7 career bombs- Spin Williams to the mound to talk with Meadows. C'mon Kerry. Wood flies to Bay in shallow CF. Hollandsworth holds. That was a good thing. Bay made a good throw home. The top of the order's coming up.
2:59 Walker lines a double to left center field. Wait a minute. Walker kept going. Is this an inside the parker? Remember when Ron Cey got an inside the park homer on a similar play. The umpire was signaling play it. Anyway. They call Walker back to second. It's a ground rule double.
3:01 Here's Lee. Lee bounces back to Meadows. Walker to third. McClendon has seen enough. John Grabow's comin' in. 11-1 Northsiders.
3:05 Burnitz pops up Castillo makes an awkward catch on the pitchers mound.
End o' 6
Cubs 11 - Pirates 1
That was Jerry Junior's first career grand slam.

Top of 7. Michael Wuertz is in for Wood. Here's Kerry's line: 6.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, o BB, 5 K's. His ERA is now 4.41. Wood threw only 75 pitches. That's good stuff.

3:08 Wuertz walks Wilson.
3:10 Ward grounds into a twin killing.
3:11 Castillo doubles to left center. He has all three Pirate hits. Who is this guy?
3:12 Doumit grounds to Lee.
Mark Cuban sings the 7th Inning Stretch.

I heard yesterday that the Cubs were starting a stretch where they play 20 of 27 games versus losing teams.

3:16 Macias (pinch hitting for Ramirez) singles to center. (Comcast missed the play)
3:17 Holly popsout.
3:18 Cedeno pinch hits and gets a swinging bunt basehit. Macias to 2B.
3:19 Barrett lines into a twin killing.
End of 7
Cubs 11 - Pirates 1
Apparently Mayor Daley axed a bunch of Department Heads downtown today. Hmmm, Very interesting. Our next Mayoral election is in 2007.

Macias is in at third. Cedeno at SS. Remlinger is pitching.

3:22 Wilson grounds to second.
3:23 Machowiak grounds to Lee.
3:25 Restovich flies to CF. Hairston took two steps in and had to go back the ball
Jose Mesa in to throw for the Pirates.
3:28 Ben Grieve pinch hitting. His stats at Iowa. .250/12/29. Basehit up the middle.
3:30 Mesa throws a ball behind Jerry Hairston. Grieve to second. Both benches are warned. 3-0 to Hairston. Glendon Spahn is warming up in the Cub pen.
3:32 Strike to Jerry. He pops to Sanchez at third. Now all hell just broke lose. Mesa went after Hairston. Crazy Lloyd is on the field going nuts. Hairston was nearly in the dugout when Mesa started walking towards the Cub dugout. Mesa has been ejected. McClendon is pissed. Reading lips, Hairston said "I'm gonna get your ass". I have no idea who said something first. Hairston or Mesa. Nothing like a little bad blood between these two teams. The Pirates have to be frustrated.
3:37 Vogelsong is the Pirates 5th pitcher of the day. Walker is at the plate with Grieve on second. Walker is hitting .303. He pops to Sanchez. Walker makes his way back to the dugout with no issues.
3:39 Lee hits one up the middle it's an infield hit. Lee is 2 for 5. Grieve to third.
3:40 Murton pinch hitting for Burnitz. (Dusty's getting 'em all in) Murton should start on Saturday vs. Zach Duke. Murton whiffs.
End of 8
Cubs 11 - Pirates 1
The Cubs will be 45-44. They'll be 4-1/2 games back in the wild card.

TOP OF THE NINTH IN A LAUGHER. Murton is in left. Holly to right. Rusch is pitching.

3:44 Sanchez grounds to Rusch. One dead.
3:45 Bobby Hill with a soft line drive that drops in front of Murton. 1 on 1 out.
3:46 Craig Wilson needs to grow his hair out again. Rusch is not getting the calls on the corner he was getting as a starter. Still Wilson fans on a curve.
3:48 The fans come to their feet. Ward pops it up to Lee.


That's their fifth win in a row. Greg Maddux will face the rookie left handed pitcher Zach Duke on Saturday.

Today's 1060west's ThreeStars are:
1. Kerry Wood
2. Aramis Ramirez
3. Neifi Perez

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