Tuesday, July 05, 2005

disgusting dusty

dusty finally comes to his senses, ends the klown's leadoff nightmare (and yes, it was an experiment), has hairston spray leadoff productivity all over the diamond by reaching on 6 of 11 trips over two days, says that's not a permanent solution -- and thinks neifi is? neifi goddamn perez??

that's it. i'm calling him out. dusty's a fool, an incompetent boob. the cubs are going to be better off if this moron is dumped -- in fact, it's one of the best things that could result from a total collapse of this team. without that toothpick-suckling pothead on the bench, on-base percentage and scoring runs will matter again; the starting pitching won't be ridden like beasts onto the disabled list year after year; the team might even show a glimmer, a smidgen, just a taste of some kind of professional discipline. whether it's his baseball pedigree or simply a lack of managerial aptitude, it matters not. dusty is and always has been a deadweight burden -- one which this team isn't good enough to both carry and win.

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