Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Here we go for the final three!

TOP OF 7TH: Looks as if the Giants are getting fooled again!
1. First two men get out, and Z is cruising.
2. Another 2 out walk. I have put a whole through a wall.
3. Big groundout! And Z has thrown 113.

1. Cubs suck. Let's go to the 8th.

1. 1st out, and Z is nearing 120.
2. A base hit, and I see trouble.
3. Yorvit F'n Torrealba hits a double. For some reason, Rammy isn't on the line. If Alfonzo is playing third, that's an out. Tie game.
4. Z looks tired. Base hit. Game over.
3-2 Giants.
(I don't want to do the rest of the blog right now. The Cubs STINK. From ill-execution. You CANT lose two of three at home to the G-men. But...they will. And guess what folks. You can follow it up with a four game split against Arizona. Anyone who thinks the Cubs are going to win that series is a MORON. The Cubs can't beat crappy teams. Bottom line.)
5. Cubs get out of a 1st and 3rd jam with a blown squeeze.
We'll see how the Cubs break our hears further in the upcoming moments.

1. Lee leads off with a single, and Hawkins is promptly taken out.
I don't understand this whole booing of Hawkins thing. I think its great to get in his head (like after the homer yesterday). BUT, the whole "Hawkins Sucks" chanting is juvenile. Let the poor guy live his life. He's a really good guy, and said two dumb things as a Cub, but let it go. I went to see the Cubs play, not to boo Hawkins.
That being said. Dusty will NOT bunt with Burnitz here, when he should. I presume Burnitz will ground into two. We'll see..
2. Burnitz lines to center. 1 out 1 on.
Jane Eyre in the game.
For all you Jane Austen fans in attendance.
3. Rami hits it to Vizquel, who boots it! Stunner. 1st and 3rd with one out.
4. Michael Tucker loses it in the sun, on a Matt "yesus" Murton pop up that would've scored him anyway. Way to go! WERE TIED!
5. 1st and 2nd with one out, and Ronny Cedeno is down 0-2 quickly, and forced to go after a borderline pitch. 2 away.
6. Barrett can't get it done. We go to the ninth.

1. 1,2,3 for Demp. Not bad. Let's see what we can do.

1. Gerut FINALLY does something as a Cub, and walks.
2. Macias as the national broadcasters say, has a bunt go foul, then fair. Are the bounces going are way????
3. Line out, 2 dead.
4. Inentional walk to Lee. Big time.
5. Jeromy Burnitz lines a double, and the CUBS WIN!!!!
WOW!!! CUBS 4, GIANTS 3!!!!!!!
We did it!

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