Thursday, July 28, 2005

birdcage lining

woe to anyone who reads this kaleidoscopic tabloid for news unless they're getting it for free because it showed up under their hotel room door -- and even then, kids, be careful -- but usa today has outdone themselves for ridiculousness, crossing the fine line that separates irrelevancy from insidiousness.

  • rooney and farmer finish tied 2nd
  • the braves pressbox disaster somehow tips in at mid-pack
  • the most entertaining laurel-and-hardy act in baseball finishes 25th of 30.
for the record, pat and ron took home the second-worst grade for "entertainment" -- defined as how well the announcers interact, the fun they have in the booth and the stories they tell, among other things -- and a lowly 6.5 for "fan" -- again, the excitement and uniqueness the announcers bring to the broadcast, as well as their ability to connect with their audience.

what? ... i mean, what? is this april 1? or does no one over at gannett actually do the work anymore, just jayson blairing us into submission? obviously, someone didn't listen.

at least they got vin scully right.

hat tip to the cub reporter for pointing out this travesty.

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