Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lee & Ramirez at the All Star Game

Here's what the Cub corner infielders are doing in Motown at the All Star Game-This time it counts (whatever that means). Lee is playing first and hitting 4th. Ramirez has replaced Rolen as the starting third sacker, he'll hit sixth.


-Joe Buck called him Carlos Lee while giving lineups.
-DLee struck out swinging to end the first.
-Leadoff double in the 4th.
-Popped out to shallow right in 6th.


-Singled to right in the second.
-Grounds in to 4-6-3 twin killing in top of 4.
-Walks in 6th.

NL Loses 7-5, so the Cubs will have to start the World Series in the AL Park.

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