Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Innings 1-3 at the Unemployment Line!

Here we go from beautiful Wrigley Field.
My brother is still spewing random quotes from Democracy in America.

No Alou, No Niekro. Wind blowing in. We've got to get Z support.
1. Walk on four pitches. Z looks like Psycho.
2. Blanco with a nice throw out on a tripple hopper!
3. Vizquel singles on 3-2
4. Base hit Snow, 1st and 3rd. Here we go.
5. Nice catch by Burnitz. I would've sent Vizquel due to the conditions of the game, just for the chance to score. Shows you how much I know.
6. Flyout to end it. THAT WAS HUGE!

1. Macias grounds out, but it takes seven pitches...good job.
2. Walker doubles.
3. Lee crushes another line out. Hopefully this doesn't continue.
4. Bernie walks.
5. Rambo on a 5-3 groundout. Fonzie plays on the line a lot, and robbed Rambo of a double.

1. The Fonz pops out. Just as a reminder, I'm 1-5 at Wrigley this year.
2. Cruz called out on strikes!
3. Torrealba gets walked. great job.
4. Line out from Tomko. Tonka. It's not a tumah.

BOTTOM of 2:
Three up, three down. I went out for a smoke, and poof! It's over.


Three up, three down, on about four pitches.
Huge for the Big Z. Hopefully he can give us 8 solid today.

Zambo bunts out. Great.
2. Base hit for Macias. Maybe he's going through that I can hit any fastball they throw me phase that he gets once a year.
3. Walker walks.
4. BIG TIME! Base hit for Lee, and the Cubs lead 1-0. My brother is broadcasting this from the living room. He's another college grad that is at home now on unemployment. We've both come back home in the last two weeks. We're in our 20's, so it's not a big deal...but still. I'm 24. This has to stop. Anywho, I digress.
5. Burnitz strikes out. No good!
6. HEY HEY! Rambo with an RBI single, and with good baserunning (first time in ages) It's 2nd and 3rd with 2 out.
7. H'no'worth strikes out and looks lost. He should've bunted.

That's it from the unemployment line! See you guys after the 6th!

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