Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Why I dislike Dusty

I was just in the john (where all my serious thoughts emanate) thinking about the first quarter of the Cubs season. A current record of 21-22 may be acceptable to some people, given that they've had some significant injuries and that they lack enough talent, but not to me. So if we can put the "Hendry blew it in the off-season" argument aside for a moment, I believe Dusty's arrogance, ignorance, and stubbornness has cost this team several wins. I'm not even going to speak to the questionable in-game management, but just list the large line up card mistakes. These are not in order of importance...

1 - Penciling in Corey as the leadoff hitter. IMO, Walker was the obvious choice and still is unless Hairston is also in the line up.

2 - Choosing to start Hollandsworth over DuBois. This decision weakened your bench and your starting line up.

3 - Anointing Hawkins as the closer. 3 strikes and your out, Hawkins should never be asked to close another game in his career.

4 - Choosing Dempster over Rusch as the 5th starter. Rusch was and is more deserving of the opportunity.

These decisions are why I believe Dusty should be sacked. In summary, he's made an average team a lot worse.

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