Friday, May 13, 2005

Garland and Willis

Adding insult to the Cubs slow start. You have to pickup the paper everyday and see former Cub farm hands Dontrelle Willis and Jon Garland are both off to 7-0 starts. That's the best in their respective leagues.

I watched Garland take on the Orioles last night. It sure looks to me like the light has finally went on for Garland. Frankly, I am surprised the White Sox have stuck with Garland so long. I guess it shows that patience pays off.

Willis had a great rookie season in 2003. His sophomore year was more of a struggle, but decent. This year he's off to another quick start. The frustrating thing about Willis is the Cubs have nothing to show for that deal. This from an organization who has not developed a left handed starter since Jamie Moyer.

What's next, will Kyle Lohse be the Twins ace soon?

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