Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Breaking News: It's the Fans' fault

Just when you thought Dusty Baker was coming to his senses, he has reverted to his old self. Recently, Dusty was showing signs of life when he openly criticized Corey Patterson for not playing up to his potential as a premier lead-off man.

But, never fear sports fans, the dim-witted, cantankerous Dusty is back! Now we know why LaTroy didn't succeed here in Chicago. It was the fans! It's all the negative energy, man. They brought him down.

I guess a lot of Cubs fans were harrassing him in the Shea Stadium bullpen at the end of last season, huh? Or, perhaps LaTroy just couldn't shake the memory of those heartless Cubs fans down the 3rd base wall taunting him time and again.

Get a grip, Dusty. Seven of LaTroy's thirteen blown saves since 2004 have come on the road. Stop making excuses, dude.

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