Tuesday, May 31, 2005

moving on

the tribune today printed a paul sullivan piece which is the unmistakable trial balloon that signifies the change in tone from 2005 to 2006. hairston, garciaparra, walker, burnitz, hollandsworth and the entire bullpen get mentioned as possible bait for contending teams.

and i have to say, bravo! for this cub team isn't going anywhere. while a four-game win streak, a peek at .500 and a good week from aramis is enough to induce euphoria among the faithful, the fact remains that the 2005 cubs got weaker in trading hawkins and have done nothing, nada, zero to address any of the team's manifold failings.

indeed, if the cubs hadn't managed to put up 28 runs and 44 hits in four games against colorado at home, it would've been yet more damning. but colorado is still the worst road pitching staff in the NL. is it really an accomplishment when the rockies are coughing up an average of 5.8 runs and 9.2 hits a game? only when your offense is as questionable as the cubs is.

so take it all in, cub fans and readers -- this lofty peak of one over even is probably the highest high for the remainder of this year. dead ahead -- the june swoon and a man named jon koronka.

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