Friday, May 27, 2005

Dusty reminds me of _________

Not sure why this topic recently entered my mellon, but before I disclose my answer I'll note some comparisons to this mystery person.

On the positive side, both are seemingly likable fellas. Neither is over-emotional or hot-headed. Each one's players love them and support them through the good, bad, and absolutely horrible. Each one's Chicago team has had one "miracle season" where they exceeded the expectations significantly.

Now the negatives, each one's team has consistently looked ill-prepared, un-emotional, and sometimes downright stupid (incredible amount of mental errors). They both lack the ability to motivate their teams/players. Both seem to have trouble around the media. Dusty because he can't keep his foot out his mouth. The other because he wasn't a great communicator (very soft-spoken).

The answer...

Dusty is the MLB version of Dick Jauron. Dick was a competent coordinator, but when entrusted with the top spot, failed pretty miserably. I think Dusty is very similar. If given a lesser role, he would probably be an asset to any team. I think bench coach is likely optimal for him. He could befriend all the players (I mean, dudes) and be "good cop" when a competent manager plays "bad cop". Now I'm not suggesting the Cubs coaching staff be shuffled. I'd be for dumping nearly the entire lot. Speier may actually deserve his job and Dick Pole, well enough said.

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