Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Random thoughts

- The game last night was simulcast on two TV stations, ESPN and Comcast, and I would rather listen to the radio call. Kasper could be a stunt (vocal) double for Chip and Brenly is basically non-existent. Haven't heard a decent nugget of analysis from him in weeks.

- Does anyone like listening to Joe Morgan? Last night he claimed that sources have told him Maddux has been using a foreign substance during his career to help get movement on his pitches. He refused to reveal the names when his partner in the booth, Jon Miller, questioned him. What a complete asshead.

- Hope this trend from Aramis continues. Seems to be scalding the ball lately, even when he makes an out.

- Let's bring up Cedeno and let him play short everyday. By now we all know what Neifi can provide. Enrique Wilson can be cut and Macias can take his spot as the 25th man. Neifi can ride the pine and get the occasional pinch hit currently afforded to Macias.

- Boy, Alyssa Milano looked soooo good. Wish they would have shown her more last night.

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