Tuesday, May 03, 2005

President Andrew Jackson Supports... "Vote for Neifi"

President Jackson will back Neifi in his bid to start at short in Detroit at the Midsummer Classic.

My fellow countrymen and countrywomen, as the Seventh President of this Great Country of ours I call upon you for your support and help in a great cause. As you know in recent years I have stayed away from politics. Now I must come off the bench to support the man who got the Cubs the one game playoff in 1998. Neifi Perez.

Our friends at Bleed Cubbie Blue and The Cub Reporter are leading a campaign to get Chicago Cub SS Neifi Perez voted in as the starting NL shortstop at the 2005 All Star Game.

This is a great cause and comes with the utmost urgency. You see Neifi is not on the ballot. He is the ultimate underdog. Please write in Neifi Perez on your 2005 All Star Ballot. Here's more information:


Neifi needs your support!

The Cub Reporter, in partnership with Bleed Cubbie Blue, would like every single Cub fan out there to write-in Neifi Perez as the starting shortstop of the National League. Apathy is not an option here folks. This is a call to arms, a call to all Cubs fans to rise and be heard, to flex our collective muscle and rock the baseball world.

Check out the entire article here:


GET INVOLVED! What can you do to support Neifi?

Vote early and vote often.

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