Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Weekend in the District...causes Monday Morning Hangover followed by Depression

Welcome to the National League Washington D.C., now you too can participate in the NL tradition of beating up on the Addison Street Nine.

I got together with a group of old UW friends out in DC this past weekend. We had a great time out and about in Washington and Baltimore. I wish the outcome of the games at RFK had been as good. At this point it's starting to feel quite useless to invest any real emotion in these ballgames.

DC as a Baseball Town
If you get a chance to go out to D.C. to see the Cubs in the next few years you really should. Washington has a lot to do. You can do tourist stuff all day long with the kids and family. Or you can hit the great night spots and restaurants. Baltimore is only an hour away so if you wanna see ball in two parks you can and catch a game at Camden Yards (We actually took the ride north to Baltimore to bet the horsies on Saturday at Pimlico. A day at the track followed by a ballgame-- does life get any better?) Back to D.C., the Metro (probably the cleanest city subway system in America) makes it real easy for you to get to and from RFK.

If you wait until after 2008 the Nats will be in a new ballpark. The only bad part about seeing the Cubs in D.C. is the area around RFK. There is literally nothing to do. You have to go up a couple of stops on the Metro to the Capitol Hill bars to enjoy a beverage or three. You can also find plenty of places to drink in Georgetown and Foggy Bottom.

Now the Depression: Cub baseball, 2005 style
Just when you thought it couldn't get much worse... it did. Not only did the Cubs lose 2 of 3 to the Nats, now Zambrano is having an MRI. This just highlights the troubles that this team has had. This one falls right into the lap of the Cub braintrust. Dusty Baker and Larry Rothschild for allowing the big three to throw too many pitches and innings. 136 pitches on Mothers Day? Jim Hendry has to share in the blame for not giving Dusty and Larry any sort of bullpen to work with. Wood, Prior and Zambrano were the foundation of this franchise. Well, the foundation is falling down, it has a big crack, waters pouring in, and somebody needs to pay the price.

The Sloth's eulogy, over 10 days back, hit the nail on the head.

BTW: Thanks to United States of Baseball for mentioning this site in a recent post. Check them out. They have some great posts, including some stuff on the Sox and Brewers you may find interesting.

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