Saturday, May 28, 2005

Snake bit

I keep wondering what will be next in the horrible 2005 Cub campaign. On Friday a line shot back at Mark Prior put a lump in all Cub fans stomachs. That line shot made the rest of the game unenjoyable, despite the fact that the Northsiders hit 4 homeruns and demolished the Rocks. I really got pissed when I saw that idiot wedding party doing the congo line throughout the stands at Wrigley Field. Those are the morons that give Cub fans a bad name.

Anyhow, our worse fears were recognized last nite when ESPN, the Score and every other media outlet reported an MRI showed a hairline fracture in young Prior's right elbow. What else can happen to this team?

This injury answers the question about whether the Cubs should buy or sell at the trade deadline. I would be selling off the veterans now. It's time to see what the youngsters can do. Dubois, Cedeno, Wellemeyer, the young bullpen, etc... What does it hurt to spend the rest of the season seeing what these players can do when the team is not going to catch St. Louis?

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