Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The Cub bullpen self destructed again Wednesday afternoon. Today it wasn't LaTroy, it was Dusty's new closer (Cub fans latest public enemy #1) Ryan Dempster. Dempster hardly qualifies to be a big league mop up man. On the 2005 Cubs he is your closer.

With the wind howling in it was a great day to pitch at Wrigley Field. Mark Prior was nasty through seven. Will Ohman got through the 8th. The scene was set for Dempster. All I can say is Joe Borowski is gonna be back in the closers role before we know it.

So it was a great day to pitch. Until the bottom of the tenth when DLee crushed a ball into the second row of the left field bleachers. The chilly Cub fans, that stuck around, got to leave with warm feelings of a Cub win!

I ask again, Where would the Cubs be without DLee? Scary, huh.

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