Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What a jerk...

I happened to be in the car this afternoon and got to listen to the Barry Bonds press conference. The press conference didn't answer any questions regarding his use of steroids -- it was actually useless. The press conference just reaffirmed that Barry Bonds is a jerk who can hit a round ball. The guy went off on the media blaming them for everything, he went off on Canseco, he also pulled the race card regarding his pursuit of Babe Ruth's HR record.

I was really surprised that the Giants and/or Bonds' agent had not coached him better for this press conference. A less puffy Bonds(hmmm) was unnerved throughout the press conference.

When Bonds gets close to the record and the media discusses why the public does not like Bonds, I hope people remember this press conference. It's a real shame that such a miserable fellow is going to capture Henry Aaron's record. Barry Bonds is a bad sound bite and a poor ambassador for MLB. Baseball fans deserve better from the games marquis player.

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