Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Brewers to increase ticket prices for all 10 cub games

Thanks to Cubsnet's blog for the heads up on this stroy. If you have not made the pilgrimage over to Cubsnet.com, take some time to check out the site. It has a ton of good Cubs stuff. Any Cubs fan will enjoy.


Your trip to Miller Park's gonna cost you a few more bucks in 2005. I'm not even talking about the speed traps going up I-94.

The Milwaukee Brewers intend to raise prices for 13 games in 2005. 10 games with your Chicago Cubs and 3 with the Bombers from NYC. The Brewers are going to a tiered pricing program similar to the one the Cubs started several years back. The Milwaukee Business Journal gives us all the details. According to the column ticket prices will go up from $3 to $9, depending on seat location, for the 13 games.

At this point normally I'd go off on some rant on my favorite commissioner Uncle Bud Selig. But Dammit, Selig doesn't own the Brewers anymore. I don't know who the new guy is. It's hard to blame him though. All of the Cubs games in '04 drew more than 40,000 and nearly doubled the Brewers average single game attendance figure. It's supply and demand. The popularity of the Cubs is really hurting the average fan in his wallet.

The Fourth Base in Milwaukee is a great place to stop by before or after Cub games at Wrigley Fd. North. (Get your picture taken with Harvey Kuenn's peg leg!)

I used to always count on an affordable ticket in Milwaukee along with a good party in the parking lot and "Milwaukee prices" on beer inside the park, followed by some good eats at the Fourth Base. I guess that's all out the window! What will they do next? They'll probably make the guys with Illinois driver licenses pay "Chicago prices" for beer. Are you sure Selig sold the Brewers? Somewhere Uncle Bud is lurking, somewhere...

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