Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Farns...a six year roller coaster

It's a shame Kyle Farnsworth came to Chicago prior to the television craze that is reality tv. Some cable station missed out on a chance to have a hit. Cameras could have followed the young hillbilly from Georgia around the big city in the north Chicago. This series would have had the three D's. Drama, Drinking & Deception. The three D's make a reality tv show work.

Farns spent 6 up and down years on the Northside. At the end the Wrigley faithful booed him regularly. Anyways, here are my TOP SIX Kyle Farnsworth moments while he was on the Cub:

6. In 2004 in a puff piece in the Tribune, Kyle's Dad cannot understand why Dusty gave Borowski the closer role in 2003 and not Kyle. The same article shows a picture of Kyle's #44 proudly hanging behind the bar at Tai's 'til 4. Maybe that was the reason.

5. In 2003 Red's Pitcher makes the mistake of charging the mound against the Farns. The Farns beats the snot out of Wilson.

4. In 2004 The Farns kicks a giant fan in the clubhouse injuring his foot and landing him on the DL.

3. Guess who came in and put gas on the fire in the 8th inning of Game 6 versus the Marlins?

2. In 2002 Manager Bruce Kimm has so much control of the team, that it is leaked that a relief pitcher was sleeping during a game in the clubhouse. While many suspect it to be public enemy #1 Antonio Alfonseca it is later determined that it was our hero good ole #44.

1. Any late nite you saw the Farns bartending, howling at the moon or sleeping at Tai's 'til 4.

It's been said many times. But I'd like to write it one last time: "Million dollar arm, ten cent brain." Good luck Kyle, I hope you find what you are looking for in Detroit, I'd suggest you look in Greektown.

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